About Us

Chuck Wise and AIM Insurance specializes in helping you manage your businesses’ risk while protecting your bottom line.

We assess your company’s risk to determine vulnerable points that could lead to financial loss in the event of a lawsuit. This process begins by understanding your company and your industry -- which is why we focus solely on the real estate community.  Once we know the specifics of your business, we will know the carriers that fit you best and 

We’ll ask questions like:  Who are you doing business with?  What contracts have you signed and to whom have you made written obligations?  The answers allow us to build a program based on your business and its exposures.

Chuck Wise is more than an insurance agent, he’s a trusted advisor who clients call before they make a final business decision. Based on collaborative conversations and strategies, the best solution lies in the best protection and the best value available.

With three decades of experience in the insurance field, and a partnership with Associated Insurance Management, Chuck Wise is an independent insurance agent who protects his clients and their businesses.

Work with a knowledgeable, dependable professional who asks the right questions, and provides answers that protect what’s precious to you.