It is hard to find a more experienced agency anywhere when it comes to the multi-family industry.  There is a very restricted marketplace when it comes to insuring apartments and other varieties of multi-family dwellings and knowing how to approach the carriers is a big key in determining your success.  In over 40-years of doing business, we have been able to develop tremendous volumes of business in your industry and cultivate remarkable track records with a handful of key insurance carriers- we even own our own carrier!  Our experience and large volumes of business allow us to deliver value to you that few can match.  Put us to the test and see what we can deliver for you!

We try to bring a number of resources to you to help in dealing with managing your risk.  Please see a few of them below:

Secure Core Catastrophic Planning Program

The difference between a Disaster Plan and a Disaster Implementation Plan

Means knowing:

  • That you have pre-selected a partner that can handle your emergency issues.
  • That you can call someone to help out immediately, in a way that can stabilize the situation.
  • That you have someone you trust to work independently to handle your building/tenants/residents/owners.
  • That your vendor has the resources to “take charge” of a volatile situation.
  • Plan for the inevitable emergency.
  • Put your responses in writing in an accessible area – key fobs, USB, flash drives.
  • Think through the plans and procedures.
  • Decide in advance who can make decisions – onsite/real time.
  • Know the who, what, where and when of your responders contact information:
    • Security, Sprinkler, Fire, EMS
    • Restoration Services
    • Temporary Housing
    • Red Cross

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Having NO Disaster Plan is bad.
Having a Disaster Plan is good.
Having a Disaster Implementation Plan is BEST.


Diamondhead Insurance Agency, LLC

Diamondhead Insurance Agency, LLC is a boutique insurance agency that specializes in partnering with Property Owners/Operators to assist them in best protecting themselves and their residents by providing a full-service, turn-key Renters Insurance Compliance program. This program was originally designed for The Solomon Organization’s portfolio of 13,000 units.

Diamondhead understands that each company is unique, and its services can be tailored to fit the needs of all, while ensuring that the overall process is easy to integrate with and hassle-free for yourselves and your residents. Diamondhead currently services approximately 25,000 professionally managed units throughout PA, NY, NJ, CT, MI & TN with the plan & ability to expand throughout its current territories as well as into other national markets, including the mid-Atlantic region.

Their services are unique while the tracking platform and insurance product is powered by one of the largest and best-of-breed providers in the country that specializes in multi-family housing. 

There is no cost for this service

More info can be found at Diamondhead Insurance Agency